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Steve’s worked in music education for over 10 years and currently lectures guitar, songwriting and music theory at BIMM Manchester...

Guitar lessons are taught 1-2-1 or via Skype in a block of six sessions, with each block tailored by yourself and Steve to create a bespoke curriculum of guitar topics you want to learn!

Examples of topics could be picking technique, scale knowledge, improvisation, sight-reading, ear-training, transcription...

Guitar lessons are once a week or twice a month to work around your own schedule! All learning resources are shared digitally via Google Drive and can be accessed from home or in a rehearsal room!

Feel free to get in touch with Steve to create a bespoke guitar curriculum just for you!

Steve is a fantastic tutor, mentor and all round nice guy! He is patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of guitar techniques, application and music theory! I learned theory for the first time from Steve and I can’t thank him enough for his expert guidance! Highly recommended - 5*
— Paul Winstanley - BA3 Professional Musicianship at BIMM Manchester/Bass Player
Steve is not only an exemplary guitarist, but a wonderful teacher that utilises excellent, student friendly teaching methods! Not only has he helped me grasp some more difficult music theory concepts, but has shown me a way to apply it in a practical and musical sense, ready to be used in real/professional musical environments! I whole heartedly recommend Steve as a guitar tutor in every capacity!
— Jack Wild - Session Guitarist & Guitar Tutor (Registry of Guitar Tutors - RGTCert) / BIMM Manchester Graduate