Steve doesn’t claim to be psychic, but by visiting this page he can guess that you are one of two people looking for answers.

Don’t believe him? Well, read on…

  1. You’ve been playing guitar for a while, but you’re at a bit of a crossroads and need pointing in the right direction
  2. You’re at music college with a view of wanting to continue your musical studies at university level, but you aren’t receiving enough guitar tuition that you’d originally hoped for

Now, does this sound like you? If so, then Steve can be of some use to you...

As a working musician and professional guitar-player, Steve knows what it takes to become the guitar-player you aspire to be! 

But that’s not all he can say…

Steve's also an accomplished music lecturer/guitar tutor with over 10-years teaching experience in Further and Higher Education Colleges/Universities.

So, let Steve do the following for you...

  • Create custom lesson-blocks, tailor-made to help you build on your current guitar-playing skills and techniques
  • Continually remain flexible to accommodate your individual learning ability, learner journey, and personal musical tastes

What else do you get? Well...

  • You will develop your sight-reading skills via Guitar-TAB (guitar-specific music notation) and traditional music notation
  • Gain awareness of the ‘CAGED’ system and apply this to build your chord vocabulary and scale knowledge
  • Develop your Music Theory Knowledge - important if you are intending to go and study music at university!
  • Create and record your own music or “jam-tracks” to develop ear-training and music production skills

In a nutshell all lessons are unique to the individual, but all are designed by Steve to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a better, more confident guitar-player and musician!

What will this cost you?

Steve's not cheap nor is he expensive. Feel free to contact him for more information regarding pricing.

But, first let him tell you this...

Individual lessons (one hour per lesson) can be arranged or you can purchase an initial 6-lesson block for a reduced rate.

So, what are you waiting for?